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Reviving an old road

2019-June-23       Source: Chinadaily.com.cn

Guangdong province is responding to the Belt and Road Initiative in its own unique way.

In Jinlinshui township, Deqing county, Guangdong province, visitors dressed in hanfu (Han people's clothing) have a sense of passing through ancient and modern times. [Photo by Wang Jing/China Daily]

Guangdong province is responding to the Belt and Road Initiative in its own unique way.

The "Southern Guangdong Ancient Post Route" refers to the passages used to transfer mail, men and material in Guangdong province before 1913.

Waterways, official and unofficial roads are part of this route in Guangdong.

The Southern Guangdong Ancient Post Route epitomizes Guangdong's historical development and is a continuation of its cultural context.

It is also a channel for international economic and cultural exchanges. And it is where the "Ancient Silk Road" meets the "Maritime Silk Road", an important part of the Belt and Road.

Beginning in 2016, Guangdong province has started to revive the ancient route.

After several years of hard work, Guangdong has revived eight sections of the route with a total length of more than 300 kilometers.

The province has restored 11 key lines of the route, covering more than 740 kilometers.

And all this has prompted the integration of related elements such as culture, sports, tourism and agriculture, and helped save a couple of traditional skills that were on the verge of disappearing.

Meanwhile, hotels are also booming in villages along the route. And this has led to the revitalization of the countryside.

This project is part of Guangdong's response to the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Editor: Monica Liu

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